Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thing a week 06 - the search for week 5

Hello again. Welcome back to my little corner of the blogosphere. Come in, make yourself comfy.

The regular readers out there (and I like to tell myself there are some) may have noticed that my thing a week project to post a blog every week at around the same time hit a small snag last week, namely there was no blog. Thing a week 5 was mysteriously, erm, missing. Well there’s nothing mysterious about it really. I just didn’t post one. That’s right, 5 weeks in and the project’s already falling down, ho-hum.

However it hasn’t fallen down, at least not in spirit. The point of the project was to form a habit of writing a regular blog. While the old nattars would have missed the blog, not written anything for months on end then come back with an excuse and an apology and a promise it wouldn’t happen again until next time. The new nattar blog isn’t going to give you an apology, not even an excuse, this time I have something better, I have a reason.

Last week my faithful little macbook, after years of loyal service and beautiful friendship, eventually gave up the ghost and died. On Tuesday my fine silver friend passed over. Or at least so it seemed, after a little cajoling I eventually brought the old girl back to life, at least in part. The keyboard and superdrive are dead and gone but the heart of the machine is alive and kicking and ready to play. So I had no way to post the blog last week. I was mortified. I even thought to myself, damn, I’ll miss the blog. So The habit is forming and the project survives.

The repair bill for the Mac was going to be in the order of £400, so that’s not going to happen especially just before the evil christmas, but she’s fighting on. She has the electronic equivalent of a pair of crutches, namely an external keyboard and dvd player. Good old usb. She’s more of a desk top than lap top nowadays anyway so it’s not that big a deal really.

So that’s week 6. A reason for week 5. Now my tea smells like it’s ready, posh fish and chips. Potato wedges and salmon steak. It smells lovely so I’m off. Hopefully I’ll do a retrospective blog latter in the week to make up for the missing one but I’m not going to promise anything. In the mean time, please offer get well soon wishes to my poorly puter.

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  1. Dear Nattar's macbook;

    I am messaging you today to request that you please pull yourself together. i know everyone is falling on hard times but there's no need for suicide. i hear that they've got you hooked up on all kinds of external instruments just to keep you going. you're better than that and deep down in your circuts you know it.

    What would I do if Nattars had to suddenly replace you? it would be forever before i'd heard from him and that just makes me sad. Due to this foreseeable sadness, i'll have to request, nay demand! NAY THREATEN!! that you live damn you!!! LIVE!!!!!

    just remember... he's not past frankensteining your ass. :p

    love always,
    Jane Doh.

    ps... nattars.. i'm making hats and scarves for everyone for xmas. do you want one? :)