Monday, December 15, 2008

Thing a week 09 - It’s the most hectical time of the year!

Yes I did just make up the word hectical. I think I like it. I may introduce it into a conversation tomorrow, just for fun.

This is in fact last weeks blog which didn’t happen last week because this time of year is just far too hectic. I work for a consultancy. The problem with consultancy work, like most others, is the necessity of clients. Clients tend to get to December and decide they have lots of things on their desk they’d like to get finished before the new year. So they send it to us and expect it to be done before January. Which would be fine apart from the big holidays that eat up at least most of your staff for a quarter of the month. So we get the work package from the client at the beginning of the month and take a couple of days going through it, then put in a request that they send us all the data they didn’t bother to give us that we’ll actually need to do the job. The problem being that they’re short staffed because of Christmas so it takes an age for them to get it to you. Anyway a week or two in and ready to start work with a week or two (if you’re lucky) left to finish. That’s just the professional side. On top of that there’s the personal issues of travel arrangements and shopping for gifts and life in general. It all adds up.

So sorry if you were inconsolable with grief on Wednesday that you didn’t have my pointless ramblings to make your life better but I’m rushed off my feet, I’m full of cold and I’m using all of my spare minutes playing Fallout 3 which I think I’m addicted to. It’s a brilliant game that is eating into my not sleeping time. Sometimes insomnia pays off.

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  1. i truly was inconsolible with grief. ;p

    i wish you the most merry christmas.. and an amazing winter solstice... and so on. ;p

    may the new year bring you many great things sugarpie.

    and finish that damned screenplay ;p