Monday, January 26, 2009

Thing a week 12 - All in an inch

Just a short one this time. In fact probably not even an inch (or about 2.56 cm). Basically I’m rushed off my feet and don’t have time to write blogs at the moment. However that’s no excuse to shirk bloggy responsibilities, or to miss an opportunity to pat myself on the back.

Everyone remember how I took December off exercising to get fat while I had a couple of little injuries Well at christmas I got an absolutely adorable belt. The best thing being that I could adjust it myself so it actually fitted. I cut it deliberately as short as i could get away with. It was straining on the last hole. As of this weekend I could move it up not one but two notches. That’s right, I’m getting skinnier. Hell yeah.

Whoda thunk it. Healthy eating and regular exercise actually works.


  1. Well done, by next Christmas you'll be ready to eat too much and put it back on again. Have you started to fancy yourself and check yourself out in mirrors wherever you go?

  2. No I've started to suffer from something called "niggles" which aren't quite injuries or twinges but are a bad sign that I'm too old, it's too cold and I'm doing too much.