Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 day challenge - Day 4

Day 4- A habit that you wish you didn’t have.

Hmmm, another toughie. Not because I don't have bad habits, quite the opposite in fact. There's lots to choose from, that's my problem here.

I'm currently going through a phase of self improvement in my life. An essential stage of this self improvement is self analysis and the more I look at myself the more I'm seeing that I don't like or I'm not proud of. There are many aspects of my personality that are doing me harm.

To choose one to express in this blog is therefore a toughie. And no, indecision is not normally a bad habit of mine.

I think I shall say a habit I wish I didn't have is a habit to distance myself from others. I choose this because I often use humour as a defence and a way of keeping people at arms length and, more often than not, this takes the form of sarcasm and acerbic wit. This can be hurtful to the people closest to me, the people I'd least like to hurt.

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